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Discover how Heartline can transform your university by prioritizing student health, leading to improved academic performance and reputation.

Schools and Universities investing in comprehensive student health programs report a 15% increase in student retention and a 20% improvement in overall academic performance.


Decrease in absences


Decrease in course failure


Improved grades


Self-esteem improvement

Heartline is here to make these benefits a reality for your people.

Students wellbeing reinvented

Our personalized healthcare programs are designed to create a culture of wellbeing, enhancing your university’s reputation by driving students satisfaction and success.

With Heartline, your university gains exclusive access to a dedicated crisis call center, an AI app that tailors health plans for students, and coordination teams that collaborate with university staff to create a customized and healthy campus environment.

Coordination team

Our team works directly with your staff and integrates into existing systems.

We train your staff and implement solutions for better student health and academic results.

Crisis center

We're available 24/7 to provide multilingual support to any student who needs it.

Our team is highly trained and equipped to provide immediate support with empathy and professionalism.

AI-driven app

Easy-to-use AI driven app designed to enhance students wellness.

Made to ensure your students stay engaged with an innovative reward program.

Improve your university's reputation and student success with Heartline

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The heartline assistance program

HeartLine provides an accessible, and effective solution to many of the mental health challenges faced by students and educational institutions.

It’s more than just a service - it’s a lifeline for students in need. Whether it’s providing support in a crisis, helping students manage everyday stress, or supporting the mental health of the entire student body, Heartline is there to help.

Benefits for your academy

No more resource limitations

Many educational institutions lack the resources to provide comprehensive mental health services to their students. Heartline fills that gap.

Staff Training

Not all staff members are equipped to handle mental health issues or provide appropriate support to students facing such issues. Heartline empowers your team.

Student engagement

Institutions often struggle to engage students in wellbeing initiatives, so we’ve made it a game.

Benefits for students

Less depression

Heartline helps reducing depression due to academic pressure, social issues, or personal problems. It has a positive impact on their academic performance and overall wellbeing.

Suicide intervention

Unfortunately, suicide rates among students have been increasing. Immediate intervention is often needed to prevent tragic outcomes.

Less anxiety

Anxiety, particularly test anxiety, is common among students. It can hinder their academic performance and cause significant distress. Heartline is here to support students and help them succeed.

No more bullying

Bullying, both in-person and online, is a significant issue in educational institutions. It has a profound impact on a student’s mental health and academic performance. Our anti-bullying program is here to help and create a safer environment for students.


With the increasing use of digital platforms for education, students are more exposed to cybersecurity threats. This can lead to stress and anxiety.


Not all students feel comfortable seeking help in person. They may prefer more anonymous or accessible forms of support. Heartline’s team of professionals is here to listen and help.

students assistance program

Heartline’s anti-bullying program
Bullying, both in-person and online, is a significant issue in educational institutions. It can have a profound impact on a student’s mental health and academic performance. Heartline is here to help.
Students wellbeing is better academic results
Student wellbeing plays a crucial role in improving academic performance. When students experience positive emotional, social, and physical wellbeing, it positively impacts their cognitive abilities and decision-making skills, leading to better academic outcomes. 
Keeping students engaged with gamification
Our app turns your wellbeing program into a game. You can earn points, badges, and rewards as you achieve your wellbeing goals. You can also challenge your friends and compare your results.

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