crisis center

A 24/7 service that provides professional and empathetic support to anyone who needs it.

The call center ensures immediate response and confidentiality for users in crisis. Users can also request counseling and life coaching sessions anonymously, and access them via phone, video, or text. One of the unique features of HeartLine’s call center is that it offers services in local languages, such as Arabic, English, French, and Urdu, to ensure accessibility and relevance for the GCC population.

Immediate Support

Crisis situations such as suicide, domestic abuse, or emotional distress can occur at any time and often require immediate intervention. A 24/7 call center ensures that help is always just a phone call away, providing immediate support when it’s most needed.

Anonymity and Confidentiality

The anonymity and confidentiality provided by HeartLine’s call center are crucial for individuals who may be hesitant to seek help due to stigma or fear of repercussions. This ensures that anyone can reach out for help without worry.

Multilingual Support

By offering services inmultiple languages, HeartLine ensures that language barriers do not prevent individuals from seeking the help they need. This is particularly important indiverse regions like the GCC, where residents may speak a variety of languages.

Professional Assistance

HeartLine’s call center isstaffed by trained professionals who can provide appropriate support and guidance. They can help callers understand their feelings, explore options, and connect them with further resources if needed.

Life-Saving Intervention

In situations of severecrisis, such as potential suicide or ongoing domestic abuse, immediate accessto a call center can literally be a lifeline. The call center staff can assessthe risk, provide immediate emotional support, and involve emergency servicesif necessary.

HeartLine’s 24/7 call center is a vital resourcef or individuals in crisis, providing immediate, professional, and culturally sensitive support when it’s most needed. It’s more than just a service - for some, it can be a life line.

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