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Welcome to heartline, your partner in Employee, Student, and Patient wellbeing. We offer comprehensive healthcare services through a dedicated app, a crisis call center and expert coordination teams.

Heartline is at the forefront of wellbeing technology. We offer a complete solution that smoothly includes Artificial Intelligence. Our dedicated call center and easy mobile app work together, giving personalized help, and empowering people to improve their mental and physical health.


Productivity increase


Absenteeism reduction


Stress improvement


Global health improvement

Heartline is here to make these benefits a reality for your people.

Tailored solutions for institutions

Experience the benefits of our services tailored for companies, universities, governments, and healthcare institutions.

Boost productivity, enhance student wellbeing, and ensure the health of your patients with our comprehensive healthcare solutions.


We implement strategies that keep employees engaged in wellbeing practices.

Our team works directly with HR departments or managers.

Universities & Schools

A lifeline for students in need, a support for your staff, better results for your university.

Heartline provides an accessible, and effective solution to many of the mental health challenges faced by students and educational institutions.

Hospitals & Clinics

Empowering patients with access to counseling and life coaching sessions that complement their medical treatment.

HeartLine is also a resource for hospital staff, helping them to manage stress and maintain their mental health in a stressful environment.


Heartline provides citizens with a comprehensive wellbeing resource.

Whether it’s providing support in a crisis, helping citizens manage everyday stress, or supporting the mental health of government staff, HeartLine is there to help.

Innovative healthcare anytime, anywhere

Discover the power of our AI-driven app, bringing healthcare to your fingertips.

We've redefined convenience for employees, students, and patients with virtual consultations and personalized wellness plans.

Smart AI

Seamless integration ensures that users perceive it as a live chat with a specialist.

Ultra personalized

Culturally tailored, the app also offers personalized programs thanks to our unique assessment process.

Discover how special is the APP

Available soon on App Store and Google Play



Crisis call center

Our round-the-clock crisis call center provides instant support and guidance in critical situations.

We're available 24/7 to provide support to anyone who needs it. Our team is highly trained and equipped to provide support with empathy and professionalism. We take confidentiality very seriously. We ensure all calls and messages are completely private.

A crisis call center available 24/7.

Multilingual support

Highly trained professionals



Coordination Teams

Our dedicated coordination teams work seamlessly to ensure a smooth healthcare experience.

From appointment scheduling to medical records management, we handle the details so you can focus on what matters most.

A crisis call center available 24/7.

Multilingual support

Highly trained professionals


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Security practices

We take a holistic approach to security across all applications and processes. This ensures the safety and security of your data.

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Available soon on App Store and Google Play